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    Wet cleaning is any process of washing that uses water as the main cleansing solution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning because it does not use hazardous chemical and does not generate hazardous waste. No chemicals are leeched into the soil, or into the air.

The specialized detergents and conditioner used in the wet cleaning process are milder than home laundry products and can be disposed of down the drain and easily handled by the local wastewater treatment facility, posing no threat to human safety.
But wet cleaning at a professional cleaner's is not exactly the same as home laundering. The equipment is quite different, and the detergents are gentler. Detergent type and volume, water temperatures, and drying temperatures are all precisely calculated for the type of fabric and garments being washed. The revolutions per minute can also be preset, so that delicate items receive much less friction and wear than they would at home.

We can even wet clean items that were once considered dry clean only, such as wool, linen, leather, suede and silk. Jack’s Cleaners has experts who can help determine which cleaning process is best for your garment.

Jack’s Cleaners appreciates your business, and we are dedicated to making sure our business is positive for you and the world. When you choose Jack’s Cleaners, you can rest assured that you are helping shape a sustainable, responsible community. Jack’s Cleaners has made efforts to ensure that its water consumption and heating requirements have been reduced to their lowest levels by installing low-water washing machines and gas ignition heaters. We have also installed low energy lighting.
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