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Tips for Leather and Suede
    Leather and suede are some of the most durable, luscious and appealing fabrics – but need special care in order to stay pliable and clean.

During the winter, these fabrics get lots of exposure and use. We have experts at Jack’s Cleaners who can maintain these garments, but there is a lot you can do at home to help keep them looking great in between professional maintenance.

Follow this checklist and your leather should last for years.

Remember to apply hair sprays and perfumes before your put on your outerwear to avoid staining and discoloration.
Wearing a scarf can prevent the collar area from absorbing body oils, perfumes and perspiration, which can cause discoloration.
Pinholes don’t repair themselves like they will on a woven fabric like cotton or wool. Instead they result in permanent damage and a small hole can lead to a big hole, or tear.
Don’t attach an adhesive nametag, or any tape, on leather since the adhesive can stain the leather or cause abrasion to the surface that can be irreparable.
Leather needs to breathe. Leather is a natural skin, and keeping it in airtight (or even semi-airtight) plastic can result in mildew and cracking. Remove dry cleaning plastic immediately upon returning home.
Leather and suede can easily mold when exposed to moist environments. Store them in a dry place that doesn’t experience extremes in temperatures for best results.
When you decide to professionally clean leather or suede, bring all the pieces of the outfit in at the same time.  The cleaning process shouldn’t alter the appearance of your pieces, but cleaning them together lessens the chances that there will be a visible difference between pieces.
If your leather gets wet, allow it to air dry away from heat to minimize any stretching, shrinking and cracking.

Leather is made from treated animal hides, and proper maintenance can help them remain supple and keep their intended shape. If you do get a spot or stain on your leather, it is best not to try and remove it at home. Blot it off with a soft dry towel and take the item to your dry cleaner as soon as possible.

A professional cleaning can help replenish the natural oils in the leather and help keep your garment looking its best.

Jack’s Cleaners appreciates your business, and we are dedicated to making sure our business is positive for you and the world. When you choose Jack’s Cleaners, you can rest assured that you are helping shape a sustainable, responsible community. Jack’s Cleaners has made efforts to ensure that its water consumption and heating requirements have been reduced to their lowest levels by installing low-water washing machines and gas ignition heaters. We have also installed low energy lighting.
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