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    Shoes and handbags make a big difference in how you present yourself, and we want to help you make a great first impression.

Jack’s Cleaners can keep your accessories in excellent condition for a fraction of what it cost to buy them.


A high quality handbag should last for years, but it needs to be cleaned annually and regularly inspected for imperfections to keep looking as good as new. With a little attention, your bag will go a long way. Conditioning the leather, cleaning and shining it, is necessary to replenish natural oils.

Our experts check for and repair minor tears and torn seams inside and out. They examine the stitching for weak spots and repair anything questionable. Just these simple steps can extend the life of your bag.

We also make simple, or cosmetic, repairs such as shortening straps, mending seams on both the inside lining and on the outside, fixing broken toggles, and replacing zippers and clasps. These finishing touches will make your bag look and feel like it did when you first purchased it.


If you have invested in good quality footwear, Jack’s Cleaners can help you keep them in the condition they were in when you bought them. Like any leather or natural material, it should be inspected for wear and refurbished with necessary oils and treatments. We have experts who will clean and shine your shoes, repair stitching, replace soles, and match color. If the shoes are leather, they can shrink, or stretch the material to ensure a proper fit.

Jack’s Cleaners can help you save money on replacement accessories by providing excellent care and maintenance for the ones you have. Call with questions anytime and one of our team will be happy to tell you how we can help.
Jack’s Cleaners appreciates your business, and we are dedicated to making sure our business is positive for you and the world. When you choose Jack’s Cleaners, you can rest assured that you are helping shape a sustainable, responsible community. Jack’s Cleaners has made efforts to ensure that its water consumption and heating requirements have been reduced to their lowest levels by installing low-water washing machines and gas ignition heaters. We have also installed low energy lighting.
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