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    Reweaving is famously known as “the invisible repair” and is a technique that can add years to your wool and woven garments, and to your rugs.

There are several different types of styles used to reweave rugs and mend clothing. The Invisible Weave is used when fabric needs very small repairs. The tailor will take individual threads from concealed area in the garment like a hem or side seam, and reweave them over the damaged area.

For larger areas, it may require taking a section of fabric and weaving a new piece over the damaged area. There may be a slight shift in the weave at the point of connection, but it can make larger repairs almost unnoticeable.

The reweaving specialists at Jack’s Cleaners can help you keep your wardrobe free of moth holes, puncture holes and small imperfections.

Some fabrics may not be suitable for reweaving, however, such as rayon, corduroy, chiffon, satin and fine silk.

Call or e-mail us today if you have any questions, or feel free to bring your garment into our store and have one of our specialists take a look.

Jack’s Cleaners appreciates your business, and we are dedicated to making sure our business is positive for you and the world. When you choose Jack’s Cleaners, you can rest assured that you are helping shape a sustainable, responsible community. Jack’s Cleaners has made efforts to ensure that its water consumption and heating requirements have been reduced to their lowest levels by installing low-water washing machines and gas ignition heaters. We have also installed low energy lighting.
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